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    Tailoring items available



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    Tailoring items available

    Post  adbocs on Fri Feb 20, 2009 5:55 pm

    I can make a full list of Tailoring items available to anyone in-game. The most likely items people will be interested in are:

    Cloth armour - if you wear cloth, get a full list of items from me as there may be plenty of items that would be upgrades for you at most levels.

    Bags - I can make up to 18-slot bags as at 18 Feb 09, although they are much more expensive to make than 16-slot Netherweave bags. Netherweave bags are relatively cheap to make and if you're not collecting netherweave cloth yet, mageweave cloth is getting on for the same price (AH dependent). So for 30 Mageweave cloth, I'd be happy to make you a Netherweave bag - alternatively, sell the mageweave yourself and buy 20 netherweave cloth. The only additional cost is 1 runethread (50s).

    Mystic spellthread - this adds 25 spellpower and 15 stamina to leggings. The reagents are tricky - 1 runethread (50s) and 5 primal mana (this really doesn't come cheap in the AH)

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